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[bluetooth-dev] Last mail on the bluetooth-dev list

Dear all,

As development of the OpenBT stack is discontinued we've decided to
close down this mailing 
list. OpenBT was one of the first open source Bluetooth stacks for Linux
and has been used 
in several Bluetooth projects during the years. With this mail we would
like to thank all 
users and developers for your support and feedback. For those of you who
are using Axis 
developer boards for your Bluetooth projects there is a new SDK release
available at 
http://developer.axis.com. This new release includes packages to build
BlueZ, the official 
Linux Bluetooth stack.

For more information regarding BlueZ have a look at
http://www.bluez.org. A mailing list 
for Etrax developers is available at

Best Regards,
Anders Johansson
Axis Communications


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