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Re: Device problems in JFFS.

David Woodhouse wrote:

> I'm using JFFS on 2.2, from the CVS tree.
> When I use mkfs.jffs to create a filesystem which contains device nodes,
> the major and minor numbers of them come out wrong. If I mount it, and
> attempt to remove and recreate the devices, then I get an oops in
> jffs_mknod:

The oops was caused by a RBB (real big bug) in jffs_mknod (from 2.2).  I
just fixed it.  As for the wrong major and minor numbers, I suspect
mkfs.jffs doesn't handle them properly (I didn't check so I might be
wrong) but I'll try to fix this later.

BTW, I had completly forgotten to test the device nodes.  Thanks for
reminding me!

Sébastien Côté