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Re: garbage collect

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> Hm, I take it then that you don't have any header/footer information
> per-sector.. Does this mean you cannot detect the start of a JFFS
> partition on a flash?
> What I have always done is to use the first erase sector as a boot loader,
> in every device I use this sector is mapped into some location that makes
> this possible. The file system must always start at the second erase
> sector. With FFS2 this was no problem, just find the right headers.. I was
> hoping the same for JFFS?

I was looking at this for precisely the same reasons a few days ago. For
my purposes, I was going to hack up my array of flash into two or three 
MTD devices, allowing an MTD device to start exactly at the beginning of
each JFFS filesystem. But that's a quick hack on a time-budget, not a real