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Re: Ethernet connection

Hi Peter

Can you connect to the board in any other way (telnet, ftp or http)?
Could you send me the log from COM2?
If you can connect to the board, please send me the files network.conf
and mac.conf from the directory /etc/network as well.

Jonas Holmberg

Peter Fredriksson wrote:
> Hello
> Whe have been working with the etrax dev-board for a while. The ethernet
> connection has always worked well. But the last days we can't do a
> ping connnection. The code in the flash is unchanged and the log at COM2
> seems to be the same as when the connection worked. We understand that
> this information isnīt enough for you to have a clue what's wrong. How can
> we extract more information about the problem?
> Best Regards
> Peter Fredriksson