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Re: Ethernet connection

It seems like your board is using the default IP-address
that was set before the board was sent to you. I guess you have done the
arp/ping to set another IP-address temporarily and then later rebooted
the board. When the board is rebooted the IP-address set using arp/ping
will be lost and the settings in /etc/network/network.conf will be used
instead. Therefore you must edit this file to make it contain your
specific network settings (IP address, netmask, broadcast address,
default gateway and hostname) once you have done arp/ping.

Do the arp/ping thing again. You should now be able to connect to the
board again.  Then follow the steps in the section "Making the IP
Address Permanent" in
http://developer.axis.com/download/devboard/GettingStarted.html to
change your network settings so that they will survive a reboot. I
recommend using HTTP. Reboot the board and watch the COM2 log. The line

Setting up eth0 with ip and mac 00:40:8c:18:10:7a

should now contain your IP address instead of


Peter Fredriksson wrote:
> Hello.
> Jonas Holmberg wrote:
> > Hi Peter
> >
> > Can you connect to the board in any other way (telnet, ftp or http)?
> No.
> > Could you send me the log from COM2?
> Attached with this email.
> > If you can connect to the board, please send me the files network.conf
> > and mac.conf from the directory /etc/network as well.
> >
> > brgds
> > Jonas Holmberg
> >
> //Peter Fredriksson
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                    Name: devboard.log
>    devboard.log    Type: application/x-unknown-content-type-txtfile
>                Encoding: base64