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Re: garbage collect

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Bjorn Wesen wrote:

> > Hm.. What if the first sector has just been erased (GC operation) and the
> > system crashes.. I think you need to store the expected flash extent in a
> > sector header(s) :|
> The location and extent of the partition is given in the partition table
> (elsewhere)

Well, we don't have any partitioning ability in the MTD stuff yet.
> If a sector is erased, your sector header is erased too so how could it
> help ? :) 

If all the nodes have a sector header that has the flash 'partition'
geometry then it does help. 
> > How do you locate the spare sector if you don't have any sector headers?
> With the ptable. The sectors should not need to know about how they
> themselves are grouped.

Er, I mean at all. What seperates the spare block from the others?

> If you want to dedicate the entire flash to the flash filesystem, you can
> just hardcode in the driver that the partition spans the entire flash of
> course.