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Re: Reconstructing a file

On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, [iso-8859-1] Sébastien Côté wrote:
> If I scan a JFFS filesystem and want to reconstruct a file, where should
> I check to be sure there was no power loss when the file was created
> (ie. the file is complete, there is no missing node).  I'm sure the log
> is the best place to check but where can I find it and how is it
> organized?
> I really have no clue how the log works in JFFS.  I did a search for
> 'log' in the sources but nothing relevent came out.

The nodes are the log - there is no separate log. So if you find all the
most recent versions of the nodes for a file, that is the file. Any
power-surge would cause the newer node to be corrupt and thus you won't
find that node (with whole magic and checksum that is).