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Re: jffs_erasable_size: offset = 0x0034b000

On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, [iso-8859-1] Sébastien Côté wrote:
> I agree that this is wrong.  fmc->sector_size should be equal to
> mtd->erasesize.
> Maybe Bjorn could explain why jffs_erasable_size used
> part->chip->sectorsize while fmc->sectorsize is defined to 64 kb ?  Is
> this really a mistake or is there an obscur reason for this ?

flash_erasable_size is a flash API function, it does not know about

on the other hand, fmc->sector_size should obviously not be hardcoded to
64kb, it should get this from the flash API as well. you may consider it a
bug, but it's because there is no standardized flash API yet :) 

(in MTD's case, JFFS should grab it from MTD of course, but Axis release
cannot do that since we don't run MTD (yet))

similarly, mkfs.jffs should split files differently depending on the
sector size (should be a command line parameter I guess)

just FYI we are starting to use some flashes from SST which support 2kb
erases, but we're doing 64kb erases on them still. I guess we have to add
a flash API call to our own driver to grab the sectorsize to