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RE: Btd and ttyBT0

I have tried to answer your email several times but it seams like there is
some kind of parser that doesn't like my emails. I hope you get this...

According to our bluetooth developers this error message is normal
and nothing to worry about.

I will try to get a more specific reason from the bluetoth-guys.

PS. We also have a bluetooth forum at bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx. 
You can join this list by sending an email to majordomo@xxxxxxx. DS

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Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 3:30 PM
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Subject: Btd and ttyBT0


We have created a sucessfull PPP connection using two PC:s and the btd
application. Now we are trying to set up a connection between a PC and
the etrax developer board. When we try to start btd using telnet we get
the error: couldn't receive write permissions to ttyBT0. All users have
full access to the device. Is this error known by anyone?

Best Regards
Joakim Ceder