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Gdb-cris build-related problem

This is a slightly distilled version of a problem related to building
gdb-cris 4.18 on a Linux machine.

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I downloaded gdb-cris from your web site to build on an i686 (Linux)

After running the configure script, the make fails in
with an undefined reference to 'dcgettext__'

Is this a common problem?  Can you provide any info?

 --Ron O'Farrell

Hi Ron,

I have looked into your problem, and while I cannot provide you with a
solution, here are some thoughts that might help you out.

You received an error message that said undefined reference to
'dcgettext__'. If I run nm (which lets you look at symbols found in an
object file) on my gdb executable, built from the same source tree that
you downloaded, I'm able to see the following:

080f5ca0 T dcgettext__

That is, the dcgettext__ used by my gdb executable is found in
dcgettext.c, found in the gdb/intl subdirectory. Unless some error
occurred when you downloaded/extracted the tarball you downloaded, you
should have that file also.

The following command is what compiles gnu-regex.c on my computer:

gcc -c -g -O2    -I. -I../../gdb/gdb -I../../gdb/gdb/config
-DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I../../gdb/gdb/../include/opcode
-I../../gdb/gdb/../readline/.. -I../bfd -I../../gdb/gdb/../bfd
-I../../gdb/gdb/../include -I../intl -I../../gdb/gdb/../intl
-I../../gdb/gdb/tui   ../../gdb/gdb/gnu-regex.c

As you can see, it includes the intl-directories where dcgettext is
found. If your compile command doesn't include those directories, the
dcgettext function must be found elsewhere at link time.

My guess is that the configure script you ran before make failed to
correctly identify your system, or that the libraries that you have
installed on your computer are not entirely in order.

To be able to help you further I would have to take a look at the
config.log and config.h files in your gdb-cris-gnu/gdb and
gdb-cris-gnu/intl directories (please name them so that I know which
files come from which directory). Also, I would like to see the lines of

output (say 50 or so; just to provide me with enough context) that
precede the error message you get when running make.




Thanks for your help and quick response.  I was able to get gdb-cris
compile and run by undefining ENABLE_NLS gdb-cris-gnu/gdb/config.h,


Thanks again for your help.

 --Ron O'Farrell

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications AB
E-mail: orjan.friberg@xxxxxxx.com
Phone:  +46 46 272 17 68