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Questions on the E-trax dev board.


We are working on the Bluetooth development on the Axis Development
Board .We are inthe thick of our development process  and we would like
to get clarifications on some of the problems we are facing:

1) Are the library files (uC-libc files) present  on the developer board

along with the linux op-system or do we need to download these files and

ftp them to the board. We are getting a message while running the
executables (like lapprofile on the bluetooth stack), we are getting a
message saying " uC-libc files are missing"

2) Can we run the same commands on the developer board as we do on the
pc ( commands
like ./ find etc).

3) Do we need to have the axis bluetooth stack or can  we run stacks
provided by others like IBM's BlueDrekar to run on the development

Are there any suggestions you would make for us to make the stack work
on the developer board.

We would appreciate a quick and positive response from you and hope to
have a long term understanding with axis communications in terms of the
bluetooth applications.


Sridhar Kantamneni.
Developer - Classwave Wireless Inc.