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Unable to Ping new dev board after arp

I just received a etrax developer board Part No: 0109-001-01, Serial No:

I plugged in the power adapter and the green LED turned on and the
orange LED started blinking slowly.

On an internal LAN using a Linux Redhat 6.2 distribution I ran the
following commands:

[logan@localhost logan]$ su
[root@xxxxxxx.8 00:40:8c:46:70:66
PING ( from : 56(84) bytes of data

--- ping statistics ---
30 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
[root@localhost logan]# /sbin/arp -a
? ( at 00:60:67:66:F8:EF [ether] on eth0
? ( at 00:40:8C:46:70:66 [ether] PERM on eth0
[root@localhost logan]#

since that didn't work I hit the reset button the green LED went off and
the orange LED started blinking slowly but continously then after
waiting 20 seconds I try:


the packets never make it through and the orange LED blinks once in the

I am currently setting up the development environment to access the
device through the serial port, but before that does anyone have any

Logan Harris