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Re: boot problems

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From: Stijn Decneut <sdecneut@xxxxxxx.be>
To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com>
Date: Thursday, September 07, 2000 09:49
Subject: boot problems

>I just downloaded the elinux_20000801.tgz (and other recent files) and
>followed the instructions to install everything on our Axis board.
>Doing this, I encountered 2 problems:
>1. "boot_elinux -d"  gives the error message "--dev option unknown"
> (or something similar). This turned out to be a lil' bug in the
>boot_elinux-script, and is solved easily by replacing
>  $cmd .=" --dev $opt_d" if ($opt_d);
>  $cmd .=" --device $opt_d" if ($opt_d);
>in the script.

Thank you, we have fixed that and it will be available in the next tools
(The behavior in tools/e100boot/e100boot.c changed and boot_elinux wasn't
updated in time.)

>2. when running "boot_elinux -i kimage -d eth1", (after pressing the TWO
>buttons to boot from ethernet) I can see the board booting, and the
>output goes like this:

>As you can see, everything seems to go wrong when the kernel tries to
>free memory. We have the same problem when compiling and downloading
>previous kernels from your website.
>Any idea what causes this problem? and a solution?
>Thank you in advance!
>Stijn Decneut
>Research Engineer
>IMEC - Belgium

The "Configuration Error" is from boa. It doesn't like the format of the
configuration file.
Since you use "-i kimage", the flashfileystem where this configuration file
is located is not updated.
Try doing a "boot_elinux -f -d eth1" to get the new boa.conf file and the
rest of the /etc/ files.

The "kfree of non-kmalloced memory" error message is probably a bug in
uC-libc or sash
(related to putenv/setenv) that we are still trying to find. It's annoying,
but doesn't seem to harm the
system. Try to ignore it for now and we will get back to you all when we
have solved the problem.

Best regards
/Johan Adolfsson - Axis Communications