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RE: Source code for editcgi.cgi?

Hi Logan,
you can find the source code for editcgi (among the source code for a lot of other applicationss) in <http://developer.axis.com/download/apps/apps-devboard_20000801.tgz>.

Just untar it (tar -zxvf) and you will find what you're looking for in the directory apps/editors/editcgi/.

/Jonas Holmberg, Axis Communication

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> From: Logan Harris [mailto:logan@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 8:05 PM
> To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: Source code for editcgi.cgi?
> I am trying to locate the source code for editcgi.cgi because I am
> writing some CGI scripts and would like to see which libraries where
> used for parsing the HTTP stream.
> Thanks,
> Logan Harris
> eSmartLabs, LLC