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Memory and wiring


After having played about with the labcard, I feel I ready to do some
serious stuff with it. First of all, I'd like to know what you suggest
when it comes to memory management; Should I rely on the library functions
for allocating/deallocating memory, or should I simply request a chunk
of memory and use an internal memory manager in the application?

Secondly, is there any suggested way to wire stuff to the card, using
the lp pins? I don't want to risk frying any part of the card, so
I was wondering if you had some recommended way of wiring things to these
pins, or maybe even a schematic?

And finally, when reading/writing to the flash memory, how does the
driver handle fragmenting? Will it become heavily fragmented after
a while, and will it be defragmented at any time?

I'd appreciate any help I can get regarding the above,


David Pettersson                            dave@xxxxxxx.org
                                            PGP key available on request.