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RE: shared memory


The include files can be found in <linux/> e.g. <linux/ipc.h>. 
The linux we are currently using is a uC-linux with no MMU support. 
The support for IPC and shared memory in this uC-linux is poor.

The lack of MMU also means that all memory is "shared" and there
is no memory protection between applications. All memory is also
available at all times.

A few suggestions to solve your problem:

1. As all memory is shared you can share memory by just sending
   a memory address to the applications sharing the memory. You
   will still need some kind of synchronization mechanism between
   the applications. 
2. Use some other form of synchronization e.g. unix domain sockets,
   fifos or files.

Best Regards,
Mikael Starvik

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I just wrote a program for the AXIS-Developer-Board which uses shared memory and semaphores. 
The problem is that the compiler doen't find the files <sys/ipc.h>, <sys/sem.h> and <sys/shm.h>.
Is there a PATH-Variable to set?