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From intec techonology LAB

Hello I'm Yoo from intec Co., Ltd. in Korea.
We have a good time at AXIS lecture for developer
So we try attach C coding program in AXIS camera.
As your advise, we try "make elinux" and " make ".
The commands make executable file, and upload to AXIS
camera flash memory (/mnt/flash) using FTP.
and execute, but occured error of "lib/libucc.a is not
 First we don't use developer board but download
"devboard-R1_0_2-with_compiler.tgz" and install in
REDHAT linux and compile using gcc_cris.

we must buy your developer board?
but if we buy, then how execute the C coding file.
please answere me quickly.
I'm waiting for your reply.

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