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RE: From intec techonology LAB


We do not officially support development on the
camera hardware. We are planning to support such
development in the future.

The easiest solution for you would be to buy a developer
board (unless you need the video-capture features in
the Axis camera).

Can you explain the question about "executing the C
coding file" further? Are you referring to the C compiler?

You can find documents that describes how to install the
compiler and how to compile applications at:


Best Regards

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Hello I'm Yoo from intec Co., Ltd. in Korea.
We have a good time at AXIS lecture for developer
So we try attach C coding program in AXIS camera.
As your advise, we try "make elinux" and " make ".
The commands make executable file, and upload to AXIS
camera flash memory (/mnt/flash) using FTP.
and execute, but occured error of "lib/libucc.a is not
 First we don't use developer board but download
"devboard-R1_0_2-with_compiler.tgz" and install in
REDHAT linux and compile using gcc_cris.

we must buy your developer board?
but if we buy, then how execute the C coding file.
please answere me quickly.
I'm waiting for your reply.

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