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Developer Board Software Release 1.0.2

A new release (1.0.2) of the devloper board software can be found at <http://developer.axis.com/download/devboard/R1_0_2>. Many improvements has been made since 1.0.1. There are three new alternatives to downloading all the tgz-files:

- Download all directories in one big tgz-file
- Download all directories and the compiler in one big tgz-file
- Download all directories and the compiler in an iso-image, so that you can write your own CD.

/Axis Technology Division

Release notes for Developer Board software 1.0.2

Most important changes
+ Easier installation (install script and new product Makefile).
+ The compiler is added in the devboard distribution.
+ The prodspec file is cleaned up, kernel configuration and image generation is
  now in separate packages.
+ inetd and in.telnetd has been added
+ Lineo's busybox 0.46 has been added (you can now use grep, find, sed and a
  lot of other tools).
+ A DHCP client has been added (configuration added to network.conf)
+ elvis-tiny has been added
+ exec has been added to sash.
+ Pipe related bugfixes in the shell ash and numerous small bugfixes and
  adjustments of other applications.
+ The stackdump problem during boot has been solved (bug in uC-libc).
+ Experimental RS-485 support using ioctl()'s (automatic RTS toggling).
+ Experimental fast timer support usable when writing own drivers and need
  microsecond resolution, see elinux/include/asm/fasttimer.h."
+ Easier to write (and port) makefiles to elinux, see WritingApplications.html.
+ ISO images of the distribution are also available.
- glibc has been removed from the developer board software due to its large
  size. It can still be downloaded separately (if you really want it).

Some problems while compiling gcc-cris have been reported by RedHat 7.0 users.
If you are using RedHat 7.0 (gcc 2.96) you need to edit the installation script
and change the line:

su -c "sh -c \"while true ; do echo ; done\" | ./install-cris-tools"


su -c "sh -c \"while true ; do echo ; done\" | env CC=kgcc ./install-cris-tools"