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reg ifconfig and route on etrax-uclinux

Hi there.

Two small questions -

1. How possibly do I see ifconfig information with
   devices? When I do "ifconfig eth0", it prints
	 nothing whereas eth0 is up(I see it in bootlog).
	 I need to check all devices available and also
	 received and sent packet info on each of them.
2. Similar to the previous question but with "route".
   How do I see which routes are active and available?
best wishes,
-- prabhat

Prabhat Avasare    IMEC (DESICS)          email: avasare@xxxxxxx.be
                   Kapeldreef 75            Tel: +32-16-281525
                   B3001 Leuven             Fax: +32-16-281515