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kernel level debugging on etrax-uclinux

Hi everyone,

Here I am again :-) A few small-small things I
wanted to ask w.r.t. kernel level debugging on
etrax-uclinux -

1. I am getting a kernel reboot bug with some
   kernel(which I have patched with a software
   called freeswan) function. First guess was the
   stack size problem, so I had increased the
   stack size while linking the kernel(i.e. during
   linking vmlinux). It was with -defsyms __Stacksize=N
   flag during link-time. But it doesnt seem to make
   any effect. How do I make it sure that it has really
   incresed stack size for all the kernel functions?
   I toyed with small programs and compiling them with
   those flags, but couldnt get any definitive answer.
   Is there any easy way of checking?

2. Surely there is some memory overwrite problem
   in my case. Next step will be to check heap. I
   was thinking of overriding kmalloc() to generate
   whatever info I want. Will that be possible?

best wishes,
-- prabhat

Prabhat Avasare    IMEC (DESICS)          email: avasare@xxxxxxx.be
                   Kapeldreef 75            Tel: +32-16-281525
                   B3001 Leuven             Fax: +32-16-281515