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Second network interface

We get a lot of questions about adding a second network interface
(Ethernet, 802.11, bluetooth etc) to the developer board. I am 
currently writing on a howto document for this (will be published
on developer.axis.com when finished). This mail is a summary for
you who need this information now.

1. Slave Ethernet
One Etrax can act as an Ethernet interface to another Etrax by
connecting them with the parallel ports. This means that you
can build a prototype with two developer boards. The software
needed is in elinux/drivers/net/e100lpslavenet.c.

We have experimental support for PCMCIA. To get a general 
PCMCIA interface we need to add a cheap FPGA.

3. USB
The current version of elinux does not support USB but
future versions will support it. Note that you need an
Etrax 100LX to use USB.

4. External DMA
Some network controllers are intended to sit directly on the
system bus. External DMA can be used to talk with such
controllers. Unfortunately the external DMA pins are not
available on the developer board.

5. Ethernet controller with parallel port interface
There exist (or at least existed) some Ethernet controllers
with a parallel port interface.

Best Regards