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Re: reg remote debugging with gdb

Prabhat Avasare wrote:
> Hi there.
> Can someone please explain me how I can debug my
> applications running on etrax board remotely with
> a gdb running on host machine?

With the Linux on the ETRAX 100-based developer board, you can't debug 
user programs with gdb. Gdb has no way of matching the binary that you 
download into the developer board with what it would find in the 
devboard's memory once connected to it. The reason is that the Linux 
running on the developer board loads your application dynamically, 
it's not statically linked.

Future versions of Linux (2.4) for the upcoming ETRAX 100LX will 
support remote debugging of user programs, by running a gdbserver 
which uses ptrace.

Is it necessary for you to debug the program while it's actually running
on the developer board? Unless you're depending on developer
board-specific libraries you can compile and debug (with gdb built for
native Linux) it on your Linux machine.

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