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Hi there!

I just writing a program in C++ at elinux. I need to communicate between 
processes and like to use FIFOs. The trouble is, that I get errors if I try 
to read or write on it. (The same code is running on my PC with no 
Furthermore it seems that elinux ignores the blocking mechanism - this means 
it returns the open-function even if it should not! open("FIFO",RDONLY) has 
the same effect than open("FIFO",RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK) !? where noone else 
opens the same FIFO in write-mode.
Could it be that FIFOs aren't implemented correctly in elinux yet? Or did i 
do something wrong in my code:

process ONE:
	fd=open("./FIFO",RDONLY); // should be wait till process
	read(fd,&ch,1);		  // TWO opens FIFO to write

process TWO:
	write(fd,"hello world",12);

hope you can help me
thanks in advance


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