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RE: system V interprocess communication (ipc) ?

we do not use SysV IPC (shared memory, semaphores and message queues) with ETRAX 100 and elinux. There are a document in the source code tree (elinux/Documentation/elinux.txt) explaining the difficulties (no MMU => you can actually share memory by just letting other processes know which address to use). With ETRAX 100LX and Linux 2.4 it should work though.

Pipes, named pipes and fifos are working fine.

I really do not know about RPC (Has anyone else on this mailing list tried it?).

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> Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 4:29 PM
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> Subject: system V interprocess communication (ipc) ?
> Although uC linux as distributed by axis has msg.c incorporated in the
> kernel, the <sys/msg.h> header file is
> strangely missing.
> Was this forgotten (can I use a msg.h copy from another 
> system?), or was it
> removed because there were problems with it?
> Which forms of interprocess communications are supported?
>   pipes
>   system V ipc
>   shared memory and semaphores
>   RPCs