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RE: pppd, insmod

Hi Alexander,
"Error 1" could mean just about anything. Can you send me a couple of more lines of error output?

You cannot use insmod with elinux, beacuse it does not support kernel modules (if you really need it you will have to wait for the ETRAX 100LX chip and Linux 2.4).

ppp works fine though.

Best regards

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alexander Gordon (QIC) [mailto:Alexander.Gordon@xxxxxxx.se]
> Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 9:57 AM
> To: 'dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com'
> Subject: pppd, insmod
> Hello!
> I have had some problems building programs for the etrax dev. board. 
> I have successfully built the sample program "hello" at
> http://www.developer.axis.com/doc/software/apps/apps-howto.html.
> But when I try to build ppp from the ~/axis/apps/ppp I get an 
> error message
> saying "Error 1"
> When compiling insmod (from the RH 6.2 CD) it seems like the 
> compiler does
> not understand that I want to compile it for eLinux. It 
> builds but, does it
> for the host computer. I have tried to modify the Makefile it 
> does not help.
> If you know something to help me out i would appreciate if  
> you could help
> me.
> You could also attach insmod and pppd binaries if you have them!
> /Best regards 
> Alexander.