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RE: Adding users and changing passwords

Hi, Johann,
as you wrote there is no passwd tool, there is no adduser either.

If you just want to add a user or change a password that should not be changed you could just edit /etc/passwd manually (you would have to figure out an encrypted password then, I think the crypt() function from unistd.h does that).

If you want to make changes from software on the board you  can probably find a clean implementation of passwd (and adduser) somewhere and compile it for elinux (see Software Applications docs on http://developer.axis.com/doc for Makefile hints). If you want to write an application of your own you could use the C function putpwent() (see "man putpwent" on your linux PC).

Best regards
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Subject: Adding users and changing passwords

I'm using the devboard with BOA HTTP server. How can I had users to the
ELINUX system and change password for the existings ones (for example,
how to change root password ?).
Seems that no "passwd" tool is available in axis/apps.
Johann Dantant
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