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Memory lost ?


I'm working on the devboard for a while now. This board has got 2Mb flash
and 8Mb DRAM.
When I cat /proc/meminfo to know how much DRAM is available, the total
memory is not 8Mb, but 5914624b (i.e. about 5.5Mb).

I was trying to figure where has my memory gone... The RAMDRIVE is
configured to be 512kb wide. But where are the last 2Mb? I think they are
reserved for the "boot from RAM" stuff (using "ktest" instead of "kflash",
the flash image is sent to a RAM area instead of the  flash chip). If right,
I want to know if it is possible to disable this feature to make those 2Mb
really available (or maybe they are required by the JFFS as a "king-size"
cache for the flash ???).

Thanks for your reply,