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Re: POSIX Thread Library Available ?


> 1. POSIX Thread(pthread library) can't be used, right ?
>    Is it available some day ?

It can't be used without major porting effort. The lack of MMU makes it
hard, so it won't be available before the ETRAX100LX chip (next

> 2. Is it possible to use ADSL(pppoed) with dev-board ?
>    It seems to me that pppd must support 'sync-mode' for ADSL ?

We have not done any real pppoe research, but I know some poeple in
Korea is trying to make it work with ETRAX. If you want to you could try
with pppd in devboard 1.0.2 and the attached pppoe (it's a quick,
untested port for ETRAX). You must then change th source code in pppd so
that it execs pppoe instaed of chat. You must also disable the use of
radius in the Makefile for pppd.

Best regards