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Re: watchdog

Take a look at the kernel time.c module.  (axis/elinux/arch/etrax100/time.c

If you rebuild the kernel and turn on watch dog support, in includes
software to bang the watchdog timer.

At every timer interrupt, the watchdog timer gets banged.  This seems to
work although it is possible for the system
to crash, yet leave the timer interrupt code intact.

I've tested a crash program that does nasty things (it mallocs a word and
then starts poking zeros into memory starting
at the malloc'd address-5000 until the system crashes.  The watchdog
software catches it.  I'm also trying to debug some
software that forks subprocesses and invariable crashes;  the watchdog
catches that too.

I thought of removing the watchdog bang code and to bang the watchdog
manually, but the process would have to be able to
bang it quit often -- every 2.3 ms.

Adam Felson
HID Corporation - Engineering
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