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Problems with serial port communication (voltage level of serial port)

Hi there,
I have a program which runs very fine on pc and which compiles and
executes aswell on the axis board.
The problem is when I write on the /dev/ttyS0 it's okay and I can see
that something is transmitted from the device which is connected to
ttyS0, but the select on the filedescriptor when reading in my program
doesn't get anything.
So my question is what voltage level is used for the serial port of the
axis board, is it the same as on pc ports ???
What other problem could you think off ?
Another program with another serial device connected to the serial port
works on the axis board, but when this program runs connected to the
"problem device" it's the same stuff. I can say this because this device
returns an echo, everything which is written should come back, but I
can't read anything, something should happen, the only thing I get is a
To my mind this all sound to a voltage level problem of the serial
Help appreciated,
Praxmarer Robert.