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Announcement - Developer Board with ETRAX 100LX

Lund January 18, 2001

Developer Boards with the new AXIS ETRAX 100LX now available

The AXIS Developer Board LX, which can be ordered on-line at http://developer.axis.com/order/ starting at USD 299, is now shipping with the AXIS ETRAX 100LX chip replacing the previous AXIS ETRAX 100.

Featuring an MMU, AXIS ETRAX 100LX based products are capable of running standard Linux kernels. A port of Linux kernel version 2.4 for AXIS ETRAX 100LX will be available for download from http://developer.axis.com/ at the end of Q1 2001.

The ETRAX 100LX chip was announced on November 1st, 2000. This Network Device System-on-Chip is designed specifically for embedded Linux developers and features an on-chip 32-bit RISC CPU, cache and MMU, auto-sensing 10/100 full duplex Ethernet controller, SDRAM, Flash and other memory controllers, DMA driven ports: 2 synchronous and 4 asynchronous serial ports, 2 parallel ports, 2 USB ports, SCSI and EIDE/ATA-2 ports.

Best regards,
Axis Technology Division