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New compiler tools release: cris-dist-1.11

There's a new release of the compiler tools available at
as well as a source SRPM and a binary RPM suitable for
i386-type host machines (i[3456]86-pc-linux-gnu) running Red Hat
Linux release 6.0 to 7.0:

Most differences to the previous public release, cris-dist-1.7,
and some implications for devboard and elinux development can be
summarised as:

- The compiler is now based on the GCC CVS sources
  <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/cvs.html> from 2000-04-27, compared to
  the gcc-2.7.2 release with cris-dist-1.7.  This normally has no
  particular implications for C code.  The recognised C++ syntax
  and functionality is much improved over gcc-2.7.2, closer to
  the ISO C++ standard.

- The ABI has changed.  The type "double" is now 64 bits (as
  with "long double").  Parameters types up to and including 64
  bits (such as double and long long) are now passed by-value,
  compared to previously just up to 32 bits.  As a consequence,
  this type of parameter can be passed in R10 and R11, R12 and
  R13 or R13 and the 32-bit word pointed to by SP in little
  endian order.  Note that these changes are not included in the
  ETRAX 100 LX Programmers Manual.

- New version of binutils, based on official CVS from
  2000-10-06.  No implications for devboard programmers as long
  as the assembler and linker are called through gcc.

- In absence of options such as "-melinux", the default object
  format is now ELF, not a.out.  When compiling and linking the
  existing boot code and the elinux kernel, the new compiler
  option "-maout" must be used, unless more involved changes are
  done.  As with previous releases, application code should
  always be compiled using the option "-melinux".

- A C++ library is included, matching the GCC sources.  C++
  support should be labelled experimental for elinux-based
  platforms.  Statically linked programs linked with glibc (not
  uC-libc) should work.  Note that glibc is included with the
  RPM and SRPM, and linked by default when the "-melinux" option
  is used, though overridden by the devboard build framework.

- Build time for these tools and libraries have increased about
  three times compared to cris-dist-1.7, which is why we
  recommend the binary RPM for most developers.

If you develop code using the devboard-R1_0_2 release and want
to use this compiler release, it is necessary to apply the patch at

If you have plans using C++ code in your ETRAX 100-based
project, or plan to migrate to ETRAX 100 LX, we recommend
upgrading to this compiler release to make the migration smooth.
For other devboard programmers, this release mainly contains
bug-fixes and code-generation improvements.

brgds, H-P