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Integration problems

Hi there,
our team is currently in the integration phase of our project.
All parts alone run without problems. But when we stick the parts
together, there seems to be a mysterious error.
Sometimes the software crashes.
Therefore I have some questions:
First is there something like the strace tool for the etrax board ?
What's the best way to debug and find memory leaks on etrax ?
The project is in C++, are there problems with the memory management
when creating new objects with the new operator, in the manual for
application developing is stated, that you have to overload the operator
new and delete,
but to my mind only when creating arrays or allocating mem, is this
correct ?
We having some troubles with the flash mem "device out of space" error
message occures sometimes when working with the board, i.e. when copying
files. Maybe this could lead to the crash of our software.
We reviewed our code for memory errors, like pointer and dynamic memory
problems, but haven't found anything.
Could there be a problem when you create an object in a construct or if
you have local variables in a constructor.

We tried the new compiler version, but with it we are even not able to
compile the project.

Any ideas or suggestions, anyone with similar problems.
thx Praxmarer Robert.