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RE: Integration problems

when it comes to debugging you can read all about it in the tools FAQ <http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/tools/faq.html>.

Best regards

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> From: Fred Jonsson 
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> From: Praxmarer Robert [mailto:cubic@xxxxxxx.at]
> Sent: den 26 januari 2001 13:38
> To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: Integration problems
> Hi there,
> our team is currently in the integration phase of our project.
> All parts alone run without problems. But when we stick the parts
> together, there seems to be a mysterious error.
> Sometimes the software crashes.
> Therefore I have some questions:
> First is there something like the strace tool for the etrax board ?
> What's the best way to debug and find memory leaks on etrax ?
> The project is in C++, are there problems with the memory management
> when creating new objects with the new operator, in the manual for
> application developing is stated, that you have to overload 
> the operator
> new and delete,
> but to my mind only when creating arrays or allocating mem, is this
> correct ?
> We having some troubles with the flash mem "device out of space" error
> message occures sometimes when working with the board, i.e. 
> when copying
> files. Maybe this could lead to the crash of our software.
> We reviewed our code for memory errors, like pointer and 
> dynamic memory
> problems, but haven't found anything.
> Could there be a problem when you create an object in a 
> construct or if
> you have local variables in a constructor.
> We tried the new compiler version, but with it we are even not able to
> compile the project.
> Any ideas or suggestions, anyone with similar problems.
> thx Praxmarer Robert.