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Re: Executing problems

> Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:58:22 +0100
> From: Praxmarer Robert <cubic@xxxxxxx.at>

> When adding the the three lines to the makefile like another developer
> has written in the mailing list:
> CFLAGS   += -nostdinc -I$(prefix)/include/uC-libc -x c++
> LDFLAGS   += -nostdlib -L$(prefix)/lib
> LDLIBS    = -lgcc -lucc -lic
> The linking errors disappear.
> But if we try it on the board the application gets killed, it starts and
> exits with signal 9, process killed ...
> Even if we try to build Hello World, the executable crashes the same
> way.

Please send your hello, world program and the exact commands to
compile and link it, so someone can repeat the problem.
To repeat the problem is key to solving the problem.

> We are using the new cris compiler 1.11-1 and the new devboard release
> 1.0.2 for developing and aswell on the board.
> Anyone has the same experience with the new releases, or is the image on
> our devboard rotten.

Some things that could cause grief:
- Don't use uclibc with C++.  It might work, but that's not the
  way it is expected to be used.
- Don't link with -shlib or -symbolic.

brgds, H-P