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RE: Data pins and other pins on the LPT2


Yes, you can do that if the parallel port is in manual mode and
you disable the parallel port driver in kernel config.

Example (set strb):

*R_PAR0_CTRL_DATA = par_shadow |= IO_STATE(R_PAR0_CTRL_DATA, strb, active)


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I wonder if the data pins on LPT2 are independent from the other
R_PAR1_CTRL_DATA pins? I mean, can I use the other pins in
R_PAR1_CTRL_DATA as I want to, i.e. as general io-pins, without
changing the function of how the data pins act? (I use a unsigned
int as shadow for the whole R_PAR1_CTRL_DATA)

Im my case I use the data pins for data to a LCD display and
some of the other pins:(that are directly or inverted connected
to the LPT2 port) init, seli, autofd and strb.