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RE: Math functions?


The math functions you need are not available in uC-libc or in
any of the other libraries distributed with elinux. It is however
fairly simple to port the functions you need from a standard math

As an example I have attached a file with sin and cos implementations
that works for elinux. 

PS. As you surely know you can implement tan() with sin() 
    and cos() DS.



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I'm trying to compile MPG123 for the devboard. Has anyone tried and can
tell me right now that I shouldn't bother?

Right now the problem is that there seem to be no _cos and _tan objects,
i.e. no compiled math function objects. So linking can not work. When we
observed the mathemu directory in elinux/arch/etrax100, we noticed that
there is only Intel language routines. 

So, is there sufficient math library functions for Etrax, that we could
use, and is it theoretically possible to open a one-channel MPEG layer 2
with it?

Jyrki Petsalo
Audio Friends Oy / Petsoff Ltd Pshp