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FATAL ERROR on devboard with CRIS 1.11


Before upgrading my own board kernel and apps, I tried to play with CRIS
1.11 on the devboard first.
1) I have downloaded and installed the package
2) I have rebuild the package, then flash my devboard. Everything is OK.
3) I have downloaded and installed the new compiler
4) I have patched the package (cat ... .diff.gz | patch -N1 ...)
5) I have removed every .o and .a from my Axis tree to make sure the
binaries will be rebuild.
6) I have rebuild the whole package (kernel and apps), then flash the
devboard. The debug ports shows that the kernel is uncompressed, then the
init process called successfully, but after that, a few lines follow with an
error like "did not find _armap of module ... .obj", or "did not find _main
of module route.obj"... then the board hangs...

Please help... Where did I forget something in this -long- process ?

Johann Dantant