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Kernel image in jffs?


Is it possible to have the kernel image(vmlinux) in a JFFS partition
as a normal file? Like it is on PCs with linux(well, in a ext2 normally
on PCs.) and you run /sbin/lilo to tell the lilo boot loader where it
(Ofcourse, you have to write a "lilo" for elinux and flash memory.)

And have all files that you have normal in the ROM fs in the
JFFS too. Is that possible to have the root file system as JFFS?

Can files be defragmented in JFFS? 

(Actually, I don't want to have the kernel image in the JFFS, but a
with higher possition at my job wants to see if it is possible, without
making the bootloader able to read defragmented files.
Personally, I think it is of no good.)