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RE: How do I disable the debug ser port?

True, we use COM2 for three things:

- kernel debug port
- syslog output
- agetty (serial login, change port in /etc/inittab)

So you may want to change where the syslog daemon writes its output as well.

/etc/syslog.conf configures sysklogd to write output to /dev/console which is a symbolic link to /dev/ttyS2. So if you want to change it, just change the symbolic link.

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> Subject: Re: How do I disable the debug ser port?
> >cd elinux
> >make menuconfig     (or "make xconfig" if you prefer that)
> >Enter the Hardware setup
> >and change the "Product debug-port" setting
> also, if you're going to use the serial port for anything but 
> logins, you
> must also disable (this is off the top of my head;  I'm 
> logged into windows
> right now) the stty
> daemon spawned off via /etc/inittab.
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