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RE: COM2 output

> How can I prevent outputs like 
> 	Jan 01 00:21:23 AXIS_ETRAX -- MARK -- 
> at COM2? I disabled the debug-port and changes the entrie at 
> /etc/inittab.
> I have still the /dev/console -> ttyS2 link, Have I 
> change/remove them, too? 
> And witch results have this change

The MARK output comes from the syslog deamon, it just tells you that it's alive every now and then.

If you don't want any log output to /dev/ttyS2 you should change the /dev/console link and make it go somewhere else, /dev/ttyS0 (COM1) maybe? If you don't want any log output to any serial port at all you can replace the /dev/console line in /etc/syslog.conf. I don't think there are any other applications that use /dev/console, but to be sure you should change it to another port or remove it. A lot of applications writes to the syslog via the deamon when something bad happens so I think you want to store the log somewhere (e.g in a file in /tmp, which is the mount point of the RAM-disk, instead of /dev/console). You can limit the size of the log using "-o <max size>" (see /etc/inittab) so that it doesn't eat up all your RAM.

Best regards