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RE: insmod ?? Anyone get it to work on ETRAX Dev board trying I P Masq andPPP

   Thanks.  I am new to linux.  I am an old VM/MVS guy from the days of Big
Blue domination.  (-:
I was able to get  IP forwarding to function, but my problem comes from
having to load the additional modules for CUSEEME, QUAKE, etc...  All the
instructions I see say to use Depmod.    Is there another way in Linux I
should compile these modules and have them as part of my kernel?

Thanks for your time.

# rc.firewall - Initial SIMPLE IP Masquerade setup for 2.0.x kernels using
# Load all required IP MASQ modules

# Needed to initially load modules
/sbin/depmod -a

# Supports the proper masquerading of FTP file transfers using the PORT
/sbin/modprobe ip_masq_ftp

# Supports the masquerading of RealAudio over UDP.  Without this module,
#       RealAudio WILL function but in TCP mode.  This can cause a
#       in sound quality
#/sbin/modprobe ip_masq_raudio

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Hi Larry,
we are using a.out executable format in elinux so don't bother trying to
use loadable kernel modules.

But you should be able to use IP masquerading by enabling IP firewalling
and IP forwarding in the kernel Networking options ("make menuconfig" or
"make xconfig" in elinux directory).

Best regards

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> Subject: insmod ?? Anyone get it to work on ETRAX Dev board trying IP
> Masq and PPP
> I am trying to setup a Etrax100LX as a PPP - Ethernet   IP FIREWALL.
> I am running into a couple of problems.
> First is that insmod is commented out in the busybox  include
> file and says
> it will not compile.
> Sure enough, it didn't (-:  It is looking for elf.h which is
> not found.
> There are several versions in the filestructure but none
> seemed to work.
> Second, do I have to use insmod to load the masq_ helper
> files like the
> instructions say or can this be done at kernal load.
> Any hints and direction is appriciated.
> Larry
> FutureSmart Networks