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What steps should I take to building a new kernel?

I read this in one of the archives... but it doesn't seem
to be quite correct (perhaps for an older version of the
development tools?).

>6. Question: If so, what are the detailed steps for configuring /
>building / installing the new kernel for/on the devboard?

1. Install the developer board software:
2. Go to products/tech/devboard/elinux
3. make menuconfig (or equivalent)
4. make changes...
5. Exit menuconfig
6. Make kernel with "make clean ; make dep ; make ; make zImage"
7. cd to products/tech/devboard
8. Run "mkprod -i"
9. Load the code to your developer board:

First, I have a problem with step 2.  The directory does not exist.
I presume it's actuall the $DEVTREE_ROOT/elinux directory I want to
be in, is this correct?

Do I ever need to run . ./init_env in the $DEVTREE_ROOT directory?
Why are there 2 versions?

In step 8, the new kernel that I've just built is not located
$DEVTREE_ROOT/products/tech/devboard/elinux, running mkprod -i does
not seem to copy it either.

As there are several files (looks like I need timage?) I'm not sure
which ones I should or could manually copy.

I'm confused with this process, where have I gone wrong?  This
process is not formally documented.


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