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Re: ETRAX100LX Development Board Software...

Fred Jonsson wrote:
> Yes, we will release our Linux 2.4 port for ETRAX 100LX in April. 
> The cris (ETRAX) architecture is included in the Linux 2.4.2 distribution 
> though it's not supported from our side yet.
In which "linux 2.4.2 distribution"? It isn't in the normal linux 2.4.2
which you can for example get from www.kernel.org
Where can I get this "unsupported" Linux 2.4.2 distribution?

Best regards,

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> Subject: ETRAX100LX Development Board Software...
> Now that the ETRAX100LX Development Boards are available,  are there any
> plans for a development board software release which supports the MMU?
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> Tim Stephens
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