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RE: Backround process, fork & vfork, synchronization methods?

> From: Bjorn Wesen [mailto:bjorn.wesen@xxxxxxx.com]

> Having said that, there are two easy ways to solve it without 
> forking off
> the "driver":
> 1) put the driver in a completely separate program, and pipe 
> it into the
> user-program somehow (like the user-program opens a pipe and 
> select() on
> it to know when the serial driver has gotten the "magic" string)

One more question from a Linux/Unix programming "newbie": Should
I start that seperate program from within my main program (how?
fork/vfork seem not to be the correct solution here),
or should I start the app from command line?  Any good pointers
to information how can I get these two different programs to communicate
with each other? I guess standard pipes cannot be used here? Is
shared memory supported?