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RE: jffs_write_node errors

I think you must have made some changes that affect the partition table. The last address of the flash is 0x801fffff so JFFS should never try to write to address 0x80200000. Exactly what did you change in imgspec?

Best regards

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> From: Prabhat Avasare [mailto:avasare@xxxxxxx.be]
> Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 6:26 PM
> To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: jffs_write_node errors
> Hi there.
> Once in a while, when I try to ftp some file to
> /mnt/flash, I get these kind of errors -
> >
> > flash: Illegal adress: getchip(0x80200000)!
> > Flash: illegal ptr 0x80200000 in flash_write.
> > JFFS: jffs_write_node: Failed to write the data.
> >
> The changes I made to the standard axis installation
> are as follows. I wanted to stop including jffs image
> copy in ROM-fs under /usr/etc/defaultfiles/jimage to
> reduce size of flash1.img during mkprod. What I did was 
> to remove that inclusion from productimages/2MB/imgspec
> and also I commented "source /usr/rc.d/rc.factorydefault".
> Those are the only changes related to this that I made.
> One more thing I dont understand is that why does the
> jffs error appear at an arbitrary time and not instantly..
> Most of the times, I have to boot the board then!
> Best wishes,
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