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RE: Question about the rescue code

On 2001.03.23 15:40:40 Mikael Starvik wrote:
> The intention is that the rescue should work as the
> on-chip serial boot-strap i.e. it can receive an image
> from  boot_elinux.

> The rescue image has not been extensively tested and I 
> think that it may be broken.
Then I'll do some tests with it.

> This is generally no problem for developers as they
> can use boot_elinux to restore the image..
Yes, I know. This was more intend to be a second last
way out if linux doesn't boot, while we wouldn't like
to have to open our product and move a jumper to serial
boot. Then it would be better to have a hardware write
protected flash boot sector that can recieve data in the
same way as serial boot.

> We are planning to release an improved rescue (using
> a standard network protocol) some day (no date yet). 
That would be nice, but it would required alot of work.
(Your own TCP stack and such things.)