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RE: Question about the rescue code

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Jonas Aaberg wrote:
> > The rescue image has not been extensively tested and I 
> > think that it may be broken.
> Then I'll do some tests with it.

I wrote it and I tested it, and it worked (at least when I tested it
:) But it's very minimal; it contains as little code as humanely possible
in order to never have to upgrade the rescue-code itself. Therefore it
simply loads the first 784 bytes or something then jumps to it. So you
have to first download a bootstrap program which then will load the rest
of the image, run it and then it can flash it.

It's like a three-stage rocket or something.. 

I'm _very_ sceptical to any "rescue" code which is more than a few lines
of code - since you never want to have to upgrade the rescue-code itself
if it turns out to be buggy :) 

> Yes, I know. This was more intend to be a second last
> way out if linux doesn't boot, while we wouldn't like
> to have to open our product and move a jumper to serial

That was our intention as well.