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Yellow LED and Network.conf

Hello all
I have two problems in my board (Dev Board LX)
1) I met the same below problem referred by someone. please give me some advice to fix it ? I can't solve the problem by the below soultion. 
Problem :
When I try flashing and booting my dev board with a new kernel, romfs and
JFFS using boot_elinux -f, my board does not boot properly and I always get a fast blink on the yellow status led.
Solution :
the problem you are describing could be solved by changing DEF_R_WAITSTATES in the elinux kernel from 95a6 to 95f8. Please try that. You can change it in the file elinux/.config or you can do a "make xconfig" or "make menuconfig" and change it in the Hardware Setup menu. Then recompile the kernel and try "boot_elinux -f" again. Put the updated .config file in packages/os/elinux/kernelconfig if it works.
2) Another question is how to modify the /etc/network/network.conf file of my dev board LX permanently. I changed the file using ftp, but after rebooting I found that network configuration was not changed at all. 
Thanks in advance and sorry for the poor English.
Bo-hee Lee

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